It begins…80 days and 1200ks to stop coal and gas ports in the Reef!

Reef Walk 2013 Start from Cairns -7774 XantheRivettReef Walk 2013 launched today from Cairns, Queensland which included a ribbon cutting to see off the Brisbane great grandmother and community walkers as they walk to Save the Reef.
The World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef is under threat from the expansion of Australia’s coal export market and growing coal seam gas (CSG) industry.
The courageous band of concerned citizens will took to the streets and will walk through all the major town centres to Gladstone and raise  awareness about the impact to reef tourism and the sensitive reef ecosystem.
New major coal ports planned from Abbot Point near Mackay to the Fitzroy Delta and Gladstone, to will bring 10,000 ships a year through the Great Barrier Reef by the end of the decade.

First stop on the walk will see the 16 residents from in and around Cairns conduct a community meeting on the outer edge of Cairns.

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9 Responses to It begins…80 days and 1200ks to stop coal and gas ports in the Reef!

  1. Helen. says:

    I’m with you Ruth and so are some of our C4 friends at at Mission Beach tomorrow morning. I would love to hope that lots of people turn up. Will watch all the way. You’re doing what so many of us would just think about. We all so much enjoyed your visit and talk on Monday evening. thank you.

  2. Mary Tinney says:

    Following you from Brisbane. I thought of you fondly as we listened to Bill McKibben lay out the implications of the extent of our coal mining and export. Scary stuff!

  3. jamesandsylvie says:

    Well done all of you, I will be closely monitoring the progression and talking about your efforts here in Geneva. All the best. James

    • reefwalk says:

      Thanks for your support James especially from across the world, the Reef belongs to us all June

  4. Karen allen says:

    Over a week of walking behind them and from what I hear the walkers have been supported by a loyal group of people wherever they go. Also lots of waves and tooting of horns from motorists on the road. Name on Aussie who does not want to protect the Great Barrier Reef and the unique coastal environment that it guards…. well lets not get too carried away as those who only prize money and wealth seem not to care. Its up to us, the ordinary people,
    to take a strong stand here.

  5. mariette Maclurcan says:

    Good on you all. Wishing you and particularly your feet lots of motivation and encouragment.

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