Thanks Mission Beach..hello to 2 new walkers!

Reef Walk 2013 Consulting the map at beautiful Ninney Rise - leaving Mission Beach Qld June 2013After a very busy but exciting few days in Mission Beach we walked out yesterday morning with nine supporters chanting and proudly carrying banners.

There wasn’t, a lot of acknowledgement from vehicles that was probably because there was no media coverage in Mission beach, hopefully that will change today when we are back on the Bruce Highway. Kerry from Bingle Bay and Daniel from Lismore joined yesterday, that makes 3 walkers today.

For those interested I suggest googling ‘John Busst environmentalist’, He was the instigator to save the Great Barrier Reef in the 1960’s and then worked to have it listed as a World Heritage protect area. He made the statement that it only happened when it went national and the people backed him… history repeats itself!

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6 Responses to Thanks Mission Beach..hello to 2 new walkers!

  1. Christa says:

    Looking forward to join you towards the end of the walk. Keep well.

  2. Helen. says:

    Thinking of you June today in Cardwell. Hope you have a really productive day. Loving being able to follow you.

  3. Is “Daniel from Lismore” the naughty young man that climbed the drill rig last year at Kerry?

  4. Carmen Gloria Sáez says:

    We’re following the walk from Osorno CHILE, I can’t die without seeing the Reef as it is now! Go on marchers!

  5. Karen allen says:

    Have smsd numbers for phone link up on Monday morning. Trying to get the likes up to 300-400 in the next week.

  6. lorna frost says:

    thankyou so much for doing what we all should my prayers are with the force that you carry

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