Crystal Creek/ Mutarnee

Reefwalk 2013 Klaw the white tailed bush rat 20 June 2013After our visit to Rollingstone School this morning we visited Mutarnee School this afternoon. It was a beautiful little school with 13 pupils today. They were very interested in the Reefwalk and the details of how far we walked each day and each week, and were concerned that we did rest at times along the way. All children enjoyed the story of Klaw and wished him well on his journey to Gladstone.

They understood our concerns about waste and runoff into the reef as they have spent time and effort cleaning up their local Crystal Creek and installing rubbish bins by the creek. As they had been out all morning collecting bush tucker, and had decorated themselves with natural ochre they were a little weary. However they took charge of our banners and fishes and they all marched around the school yard led by Rory, the school captain.

Rory and his deputy accompanied us to the gate and farewelled us and so we wish farewell to beautiful Crystal Creek / Mutarnee.

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