Bluewater to Townsville

Reefwalk 2013: Great Barrier ReefNicole and Olive from Cairns re-joined us at Bluewater for the walk to outskirts of Townsville. A lovely sunny day and we were greeted and supported by many drivers.

One car stopped by the road and a delightful couple from Bluewater stepped out with gifts. Greg, a truck driver, said he had seen us over the past weeks as he drove his vehicle to Cairns and back. He and his partner had pumpkin cake and pineapple ready to eat.

150 scientists have made a declaration stating their concerns for the health of the Great Barrier Reef. They call on the Queensland and Australian governments to ensure there is no further loss of value of the reef after a 50% decline in the last 27 years. Support for the reef is growing everywhere and our walk is highlighting this.

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  1. Helen. says:

    Well done everyone. So proud of you.

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