Townsville celebrates

The last stretch into Townsville 25 June 2013

The last stretch into Townsville 25 June 2013

Townsville came out to welcome and honour June and her fellow walkers to the capital of the north. A welcome party on The Strand, saw the Deputy Mayor, Verne Veitch, officially welcome June and commend the efforts that she was making to defend the reef, which is so important to the tourism industry of Townsville, as well as playing a vital environmental role. As the home base for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Reef HQ, the Australian Institute of Marine Science and James Cook University, Townsville feels a very special sense of protectiveness when it comes to the Reef. The Ingham to Townsville leg of the walk was organised by North Queensland Conservation Council.
The welcome party enjoyed a home-baked cake in the form of Nemo, and, with an ‘open mike’, all present were able to add their personal support for June and the Reef Walk.
After speaking alongside Bob Irwin, in Townsville as part of his ‘Fight for the Reef’ tour on Tuesday night, June and the walkers took the ferry to Magnetic Island where they revelled in a day’s well earned rest, and were housed, fed and watered by NQCC member Marie de Monchaux.
On Thursday morning, after a send-off breakfast at MaryWho? Bookshop in Townsville, the team will set off for Alligator Creek.
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8 Responses to Townsville celebrates

  1. Mary TInney says:

    Delighted that you had such public recognition in Townsville, followed by a day of leisure in such a beautiful place.

    • reefwalk says:

      We also made TV in Mackay tonight Mary and walking out of Townsville with 13 walkers was great

  2. jane leadley says:

    hey you made it to Townsville….great effort, well done all of you, hope you’ve refuelled your energy levels on the beautiful magnetic island ….bob Irwin on ch seven news the other night re coal ports and the impact on the reef….I feel the momentum building with more people becoming aware thanks to your efforts on the road june

    • reefwalk says:

      thanks Jane, a wonderful time on Maggie Island, Klaw is doing well, the children at the schools we visited loved him, he has taken to riding on people shoulder and is very attached to Nick! peace June

  3. Renee Hills says:

    Great effort June and all. It is such an important message you are sharing.

  4. Helen. says:

    Well done June. That’s such a small compliment from me. You are making such an important statement and are being heard at last. Patricia Drake from the MB Council caravan park called in yesterday to C4 to find out how you were going. She was one of the walkers that accompanied us to start with from C4. I joined her up to your site (I hope) as she was keen to keep updated. So very proud of you.

    • reefwalk says:

      Mission Beach was blown away to see documentaries and learn what is happening.
      It’s so encouraging to know the Mission Beach community are still supporting us. Good on you Helen for keeping the momentum going in Mission Beach, such a beautiful area.

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