Magnetic Island

Reefwalk 2013 Forts walk Magnetic Island 27 June 2013After a successful evening with Bob Irwin at Reef Headquarters Rosalie, Nick, Nicole and Olive caught the ferry to Magnetic Island where we were met by Marie. Nicole and Olive left us to have their holiday and Rosalie, Nick and I drove to Marie’s house. Rosalie and Nick headed out at daylight for a walk/hike around the Island and after a leisurely breakfast I walk to Alma Bay to lie on the beach and read (after all it was a day off). After lunch Marie spoiled me with a massage, then Nick and Rosalie returned and we all participated in preparing the meal.  Marie had invited locals to share a meal and meet us. All three of us were really enchanted by the Island and sad to leave after only one day.

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  1. jane says:

    so its roselies nick that has connected with klaw now ? hope you’re keeping him in line (that’s klaw not nick..) to make sure he doesn’t invite too many more freeloaders along!….and now for the big push through the longest driest stretch of road….glad you will all have those beautiful memories of maggie island to sustain you!…. some action happening in the senate now re motion to stop dredging with thanks to mp tony Windsor and groups like GetUp….love and best wishes to you all jx

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