Breakfast at Mary Who.

reefwalk2013 Kerry and his grandchildren  Taylor and Aussie reefwalk2013: We reach Alligator Creek 30 Jule 20139am Thursday 27th and almost twenty people enjoyed breakfast at Mary Who Bookshop before 13 of us walked out of Townsville to Alligator Creek. The day was sunny but a cool breeze made it pleasant walking. It was so great having Taylor and Aussie (Kerry’s grandchildren) and Ethan keeping us on our toes. The traffic was heavy, the verge was narrow in parts but we had lots of people blowing their horns and waving. It was sad to have the kids leave us at Alligator Creek,but we hope to hear from Taylor and Aussie on the blog.

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5 Responses to Breakfast at Mary Who.

  1. Helen. says:

    You people are a legend. So glad you had such a good time in Townsville. Also good that you’re getting lots of attention from the travellers. Hi Kerry, if you’re still on the walk. Lucky I’m not still with you or with my chattering, you wouldn’t be as far as you are. I hear Alligator’s Creek is lovely too.
    Helen (from Mission Beach)

  2. jane says:

    well done taylor and aussie….so glad to hear you rejoined the walk …..jx

  3. Meg says:

    Walk proud and we are so missing being with you all. We are winning and remember the power of the people is greater than the people in power. Xxxxx

  4. Thanks to June and everyone for organizing this walk. We r in France and we begin our walk tomorrow.. Much love from everyone here especially to June who has many friends here who say hello..
    Lots of love
    Marcus, KA & Shae

    • reefwalk says:

      Thanks for your support, I do wish I was there but I am really happy where I am, everything is going so well and I’m looking forward to having Glenda join us in a few weeks. It is really so wonderful to know there are so many of us out there walking simultaneously for a fairer safer world for everyone. What a great family. Walk strong, be safe peace June

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