Last Minute better offer!!

Rosalie blogging by torch light

Rosalie blogging by torch light

While waiting at the support vehicle Nick met Lindy who had been to the Bob Irwin meeting earlier in the week. She invited us to stay with her and her husband David on her property just a few klms from Alligator Creek. We were booked into the national park,but after a short discussion it was a unanimous decision to accept the hospitality of a local and what a good choice we made. David and Lindy’s property bordered on National park and was very beautiful. Nick and Rosalie slept in their “romantic hideaway” in the bush, I slept in a luxury four poster bed that I had to climb into while Kerry (by choice) slept in his tent. We shared great stories over a great meal and in the morning Lindy walked with us to Eco Park caravan park. The day before I had twisted my knee and the pain kept me awake a lot of the night so I didnt walk at all. I must admit, though I made necessary phone calls, did a bit of reading I was very bored. David drove to the caravan park after he finished work (2pm) and took Nick and Rosalie for another 6klm return walk to a rock slide and swimming hole. Nick and Rosalie said the walk was great and the swim was even better!!

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  1. Helen. says:

    June, Patricia was one of the ones who was at the caravan park at Mission Beach and started out on the walk. she’s been in quite a few times to C4 to ask me how you were going. Am so glad I could send this on to her.

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