Who’s the Threat at Abbott Point!

After consultation with Tub (who lives at Abbott Point ) we made plans to drive to his place, leave our vehicles and walk 2 1/2 km to the port gate where we would hang banners and take photos .  The four walkers were joined by six locals including 2 year old Malakai in his stroller.

reefwalk2013 luch at Tubs

reefwalk2013 luch at Tubs

Malakia ready to lead the troops

Malakia ready to lead the troops

It was hot, but almost no traffic; just very long coal trains and we were all in great spirits. With only about 500 m to go along came the police.  The Sergeant who was quite polite, said although he agreed with our concerns about the dumping of toxic waste on the reef, he had received a complaint, and as we were on a private road we had to leave.  Then the Port security drove up, I introduced myself said we only wanted to walk to the gate as part of Reefwalk, and take a few photos.  She was not at all understanding or sympathetic,  quite aggressively refused to let us. I told her that was ok we would probably get better media cover by being refused a simple request. Boy she didn’t like that!  The sergeant stayed and chatted while we rested in the shade before walking back to Tub’s.

Tub had prepared sandwiches, cheesecake and fruit so we had a great lunch and solved the world’s problems, gave ourselves a pat on the back for a successful action and headed home.

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2 Responses to Who’s the Threat at Abbott Point!

  1. jane says:

    truly what ‘footprints for peace ‘ is all about…jx

  2. Helen. says:

    I love it. Never, ever give up.

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