Windy Bowen

Our second day out of Bowen was probably the hardest days walk yet for me.  Yesterday afternoon was quite windy and I think that is why I woke up this morning with a sore neck/shoulder.  Carrying the flag was very hard against the wind, so I needed a few panadol to get started.

reefwalk2013 Community BBQ at Queens Beach

reefwalk2013 Community BBQ at Queens Beach

Today the wind was stronger than yesterday and after the 1st hour I was really struggling, the road verge was very narrow and at times I was blown back a few steps when semi-trailers whizzed  past. We kept struggling through undergrowth to find the old road where we were sheltered from wind by trees.  I was very pleased to arrived at Lisa’s beautiful place just outside Proserpine,  and rest.

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3 Responses to Windy Bowen

  1. What a great effort June & crew. This allows us to share the highs & lows of your incredible journey. Lets hope there aren’t too many more days like this one. Sending lots of positive energy your way from Victoria

  2. jane says:

    yes Helen the wind up here on the tablelands and coastal has been very strong still overcast and raining so it must be all the way up and down the coast… june get klaw to earn his keep by taking on the heavy banner ..send him on ahead dragging it, strong little critters those white tail rats you know one ate right through a can to get to the condensed milk inside!! …hoping the wind eases off soon for you all…..

  3. Helen. says:

    Well done you fantastic people. Windy and rainy up here in Mission Beach too. I have no idea how you’ve carried that flag around your neck all this time. Hope tomorrow is a better day. Put your feet up troops and enjoy your night.

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