A day of meetings on the walk

Reefwalk 2013 Reefwalkers meet cyclistsToday was a great day for meeting kinspeople, just by chance.

First a bus from “Dirt cheap tours” stopped and 16 people spilled out. They are on tour up the coast of Queensland to explore the coal and coal seam gas developments and campaigns to slow this down and reduce its impact. What a diverse group, locals, a PNG cameraman and some Aboriginal kids! United in their concern to protect Queenslanders and the world from these destructive industries.

Further along we met a cyclist named Michael, cycling from Sydney to Cairns to raise money to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. He was interested in the Reefwalk and our concerns too.

Late in the afternoon, a young cyclist David, en route from Brisbane to Darwin and Timor stopped to talk to us. He was eager to learn about the Reefwalk and what needs to be done to protect the reef for future generations.

We had a visitor at lunch time too, a police officer from Calen. He’d been called to investigate a group of people walking erratically, waving banners and presenting a danger to cars on the highway. He agreed we were not a danger and our walk is legal and safe. He too is worried about the threats to the reef, but not yet engaged in work to protect it.

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  1. Helen. says:

    Well that sounds like a REALLY fantastic and productive day. I admire these people who cycle all over Australia. Fancy being an erratic lot of walkers. Funny. there’s always a bah humbug person out there.

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