First and lasting impressions

Walking into Louisa Creek we were prevented from entering the short stretch to the Hay Point lookout, aagggrrraaa,

First and last impressions

First and last impressions

however a large sign, indicated to the new official lookout location, with all its plagues, colorful information boards and telescope. Not forgetting the benches to rest the wary legs of those who choose to walk the distance of the nature trail created.

In daylight, for as far as the eye will allow, the large dark structure, that of the harbor and its extensions, filled with hills of coal stockpiling assaulted the vision.  These black earth structures and machinery fill the landscape of what was once a pristine coastal area.

Once in Louisa Creek itself, sunset beautiful filled the skies with colors of rosy pink and blue hues and the fairy lights of the harbor switched on, giving the impression of a small magical city.

After a night beach walk, happily tired and tucked in for dreamland, I was unable to fall asleep as the permanent and consistent drone permeated the silence of what would have been an idyllic night, with the soothing sounds of nature’s insects night orchestra.

However in the rising sun light with harbor lights switched off, I felt distressed to realize the magnitude of the constant development and expansion of the coal harbor on the coast.

These impressions were off set by the warm friendly and engaged community, some 3 to 4 generations of family who have lived through the observation of their beautiful home town/village been slowly turned into a coal dominated and slowly destroyed environment. AAAHHHHH what stories people have to tell!!!!!  

Walker from Switzerland

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5 Responses to First and lasting impressions

  1. jane says:

    sorry that was meant to be ‘write’!

  2. jane says:

    good right up from the walkers dairy….down to the nitty gritty of what you organised the walk for june….impacts on all levels

  3. Renee Hills says:

    And more pristine beaches are at risk, just north of there at Dudgeon’s Pt…the place of my childhood beach holidays. It cuts deep!

  4. Margaret Airoldi says:

    Thankyou Glenda. You’ve voiced what so many of us feel. Margaret Airoldi.

  5. Helen. says:

    Well I guess this brings home why you are doing this walk! Horrible to read and imagine. I hope your Swiss walker can pass on all the relevant stories to his/her country. We appear to be puppets here. Money talks. Once again,my best wishes to you all and I, and I can speak for C4, appreciate what you are doing June.

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