Reefwalkers on the Bicentennial National Trail

Bicentennial National Trail
Bicentennial National Trail
Red-rumped parrot

Red-rumped parrot

According to our map the Bicentennial National Trail follows the Bruce Highway from near St Lawrence to the turnoff to Wumalgi. However we struggled to find the trail. We walked off the highway for several kilometres but we saw no markers. How wonderful to be off the road – quieter, alive with birds and trees, cooler in the middle of the day. It appears that  paradise has been paved to create the Bruce Highway! 

What a delight to be off the road. Today we saw blue parrots (red-rumped parrot – actually it’s blue!), pied cormorants, magpie geese and even some budgies.

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2 Responses to Reefwalkers on the Bicentennial National Trail

  1. Helen. says:

    That all sounds wonderful. In touch properly with nature. We all forget just what can be seen when you look around you. I tell everyone who calls into C4 to “look up” and it’s amazing what’s up there, and when in the country areas, you are seeing wonderful things. Back to the main road tomorrow?

    • reefwalk says:

      Thanks Helen
      One more day off the Bruce Highway, then we’ll be back in the traffic. I think that we have more impact when we’re on the highway as few people see us on side roads or in the scrub. So there’s benefits wherever we are.

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