First and lasting impressions……

Louisa Creek

Louisa Creek

Walking into Louisa Creek we were prevented from the short stretch to the Haypoint lookout……however a large sign indicated to the official lookout point with all its plagues, information boards and telescope.

In daylight, as  far as the eye will allow, a large dark structure of harbour and harbour extensions, filled with hills of coal stockpiling. These black earth structures and machinery fill the landscape of what was once a pristine coastal area.

At sunset the beautiful colours of rosy pink and blue, fill the heavens and the fairy lights of the harbour is switched on, giving the impression of a small city.

However in the rising sun light with harbour lights switched off,  I was distressed to realise the magnatude of the constant development of the coal harbours on the coast.

After a beach walk and happily tired, tucked in for sleep I was unable to sleep as the  permanent loud drone noise permeated the silence of the night.

All these impressions were off set by the warm friendly and engaged community who have lived through the observation of  their beautiful home turned into a coal dominated environment.

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2 Responses to First and lasting impressions……

  1. Helen. says:

    Wow, that was so enjoyable, and sad, to read. Just keep on keeping on knowing that many of us are with you all in spirit. And I know Trish will be too. she’s hoping that she and her husband may be able to catch up with you all at some stage along the way (Trish from the caravan park at Mission Beach).

    • reefwalk says:

      Thanks Helen
      It’s great to hear that our efforts are appreciated, as writing can be quite a challenge after walking all day, then meeting the local support group. However we are so privileged to be walking that sharing is part of the experience.

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