Gladstone Events – Reefwalk 2013 finale

Reefwalk 2013: turtleCome join the Reefwalk 2013 Finale. Show your support for these passionate people who have walked from Cairns to Gladstone to raise awareness of the very real threats to our Great Barrier Reef.

You are invited to join the walkers along the Dawson Highway and help celebrate afterwards at Kin Kora Caravan Park.

Wednesday 14th August

Overnight at Kin Kora Caravan Park – Olsen Avenue, Gladstone

Thursday 15th August

  • 8:30 Depart Kin Kora Caravan Park
    • Drive 16km along Dawson Highway towards Bruce Highway
  • 9:00 Walk 10km back along Dawson Highway to Beecher
  • 11:30 Walk 6km from Beecher to Kin Kora Caravan Park
  • 12:45 Lunch and media event at Kin Kora Caravan Park
  • 1:45 Walk 6km from Kin Kora Caravan Park to Gladstone Marina
  • 4:00 Walk from Gladstone Marina to Central Queensland University
  • 4:30 Return to Kinkora Caravan Park
    • End of Reefwalk 2013 celebration
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13 Responses to Gladstone Events – Reefwalk 2013 finale

  1. Dear June

    I remember the sparkle of determination in your eye when you told me of your intention to walk from Cairns to Gladstone. And its funny because my reaction was an immediate thought about the impact that this was going to have..there was no thought whatsoever about the reality of the task ahead..I simply knew that you would do it. Anyone else I may have asked the question : Are you ready, are you prepared…thats a serious undertaking. But with you I just knew that it was a done deal.

    And here you are , many kilometres behind you and you have carried out a part of the goal. The rest of the goal and the achievement is ongoing. Your walk is not fixed in time. It stands as a shining example of what any one single person, group or gathering can achieve. The awareness and impact of this effort will continue to inspire others for decades to come.

    As much as I had wanted to be there along the way, the timing just didnt work out but that is not of consequence. I have been talking about you and what you represent and will continue to share your effort and example long into the future.

    For your spirit, effort, inspiration and your genuine community strength and building I am grateful
    and indeed I look forward to sharing your stories again in person sometime soon.

    In admiration

    Costa xxx

  2. Thank you for your passion and tireless efforts and this fantastic awareness walk. Wish I could be there to congratulate you first hand but much support from Bremer Valley Qld – Thankyou for all that you and your friends and colleagues and those that supported you on your travels. Congratulations to you all.

    • reefwalk says:

      Thanks Chris
      The team from Tara and the singing outside Santos would have pleased you and we value the support of yourself and all others who couldn’t come for whatever reason.

  3. jane says:

    well done again to you all….I also am there in spirit and hopefully the walk has started a snowball effect!….hope today was a grand fitting tribute to you all and especially you june……jane

    • reefwalk says:

      Thank you Jane and well done for all your support through this website and every other way along the route

  4. Julia Hock says:

    Although I was only with June and her walkers for a short period on saturday, 10th August I was inspired and deeply impressed by their dedication and great spirit. Congratulations to all involved and enjoy a grand finale on Thursday.

  5. Jocelyn says:

    Hope you all enjoy your last day – It’s been informative to follow your efforts – Congratulations!

  6. Vicki says:

    Have a great last day of walking all. Well done June!! Thanks for providing the opportunity for others to walk the talk and create awareness. Well Done, to all the key people involved in the planning and organising of the walk between Cairns and Sarina, also to Nic, Rosalie and Glenda the longest walking individuals who supported June through their commitment to creating awareness of the need to protect the Great Barrier Reef. Congratulations to all involved for a great effort !! Well Done!!

  7. Mary Tinney says:

    Sorry that I can’t be there. I am with you in spirit as always. Mary Tinney

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