Please consider making a donation to Reef Walk 2013. Every dollar you give will go to support the volunteer team deliver Reef Walk 2013. Additional funds raised will go towards preparing for the next walk and the campaign activities to protect the reef.

You can give by using:Give Now Logo


Please reference your direct bank deposit giving as: REEF WALK 2013.

Online, please see Optional Information at the bottom of the page and select ‘Special Message’ and add REEF WALK 2013.

You contribution will help us fund the main media events that make the walk a powerful story. We are raising funds to cover the following activities:

Each day walkers capture video stories of their time on the walk, the positive stories and the person struggles that arise from walking the road day in and day out. We aim to create a documentary and needs funds to pay for a commercial video editor to help us make this dream a reality,

Between Cairns and Gladstone the walk will highlight the key coal and LNG gas terminals that threaten the Great Barrier Reef. We need funds to make these events big and colourful. Your contribution will help pay to transport key speakers, and hire gear such as tents, lighting and other staging gear.

Finally, your contribution will help our ongoing efforts to protect the reef. The campaign to protect the our beautiful reef is just beginning. We need your help. Please consider donating your time, a sponsorship, or funds.

All donations are tax deductible. You will receive a receive for your donation, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

To make a direct deposit to support REEF WALK 2013

  • Account Name: Friends of the Earth
  • BSB: 313140
  • Account No: 12006201

Please reference: REEF WALK 2013